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What Types of Roofing Repairs Are Necessary on My House Due to Weather?

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Roofing systems are constantly exposed to the elements – small wonder that most forms of roof damage are caused by the weather. According to roofing companies near me, here are some of the most common forms of damage and roof repairs that become necessary because of the weather.

Damage Caused by the Sun

The rays of the sun bring lots of joy to humans, but they are less enjoyable for roofs – sunshine comes with UV radiation and heat, both being harmful for roofs. Different roofing materials react differently to the exposure to too much sun – shingles might start curling or blistering, membrane roofs might shrink, while clay and metal roofs might fade. The heat coming from the sun might also cause damage in the deeper layers of the roof, making wood components brittle and prone to cracking. Any repair action needed to correct these issues should start with a careful and detailed inspection of the roof from the roof surface as well as from the attic. The most suitable solution is usually the replacement of the damaged components.

Damage Caused by Water

Whether frozen or in liquid form, water can harm roofs in various ways:

  • Leaking – water can penetrate the roof through even the tiniest gap, crack or puncture, then it usually forces that tiny access point to expand. When the gap, crack or puncture becomes large enough, water appears under the roof too, first in the attic in the form of ponds on the attic floor and droplets on the roof’s wooden support structure, then on the ceilings inside the house, too. The excess moisture can also cause the wooden beams and rafters in the attic to swell, causing the components to crack and to rot. Leak repair should start with identifying the source, followed by the replacement of the roof components that have been damaged;
  • Ice damming – the ice dams that form on the edge of roofs are caused by a combination of factors. If the roof is not insulated properly, heated air can rise from inside the house to the underside of the roof. If that happens when the roof is covered in snow, some of the frozen precipitation will melt, then the resulting water will run down on the roof slope and freeze again at the edge, dragging the roof and the gutters downwards. One solution to prevent the issue is the installation of proper insulation in the attic and the installation of heating elements that prevents the formation of ice dams is also an option;
  • Roof sagging – heavy layers of snow can put unbearable pressure on your roof, so whenever you consider that the snow blanket is too thick, take the time to remove it with a broom.

Damage Caused by Winds and Storms

Winds and storms can lift the surface of any type of roof and it can also cause impact damage, by dropping airborne debris onto the roof or through hail. To fix wind and storm damage, inspect your roof when the weather turns fair again – look for missing, mechanically damaged or displaced components and loosened fasteners. Roofing companies near me say that if you have a shingle roof, also look for missing surface granules – strong winds can remove the granules, leaving the shingle mat exposed and the roof vulnerable. Make all the replacements necessary and reattach the loosened fasteners as soon as you can after the storm, to ensure that the next storm finds a strong roof on your home.